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The thought of leaving your pet, we appreciate is a worrying one. Therefore we hope to allay some of those fears and introduce us to you as a boarding cattery who care about your cats welfare.

We have established a very good reputation by ensuring that all cats in our care receive individual attention.

For the benefit of your cats health we have strict conditions including requirements for all to have current vaccination certificates.

Our experience of breeding, showing and looking after cats over the past 20 years, has given us a wealth of knowledge into the special needs of each individual cat.

At Catlins, we take very seriously the trust you have placed in us by allowing us to look after your precious pet.

We undertake our duties with the greatest of care.
Regular grooming and cuddles
        Special diets catered for
                Every run is cleaned and fresh litter provided daily
        Large heated accommodation with out door runs
Medication administrated whenever necessary
We also board your small caged pets - Rabbits, Guinea pigs etc

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